Jisso-Kai 実相会 : Aikido Dojo

Jisso-Kai 実相会 : Aikido Dojo are entities of the 円教寺 Enkyoji Buddhist Network and affiliated members of Aikido Shimbokukai. Our various Dojo are under the guidance of Chief instructor Bernie Lau Sensei with the assistance of Kanjin Cederman Shonin and Kanyu Kroll Hosshi. We have offed instruction at both, Seattle Choeizan Enkyoji Nichiren Buddhist Temple and Shoeizan Enkyoji Buddhist Temple of Rochester since Fall of 2015. Classes are open to Temple members or by invitation only.     Gassho!

Jisso Kai Dojo was created to transmit the teaching of traditional Aikido through a Buddhist lens of practice, discipline and study. Together we are a network of Aikido Dojo under the leadership of Bernie Lau Sensei (5th Dan Aikido, Founder of Icho-Ryu Aikijutsu) from Seattle, WA.

Jisso-Kai Dojo are proud members of Aikido Shimbokukai!

"The Aikido Shimbokukai is an organization of instructors, dojos, and aikido practitioners whose common bond is the practice and development of Aikido. This group strives to bring people together for the exchange of experiences and ideas through Aikido training, and to provide instruction and guidance while maintaining standards of instruction and training. We endeavor to stay apolitical and broad-minded, welcoming those interested in sharing and developing Aikido  within our guidelines together. 

The Aikido Shimbokukai does not look to limit teaching styles, but rather strives to bring people together for friendship and the exchange of experience and ideas through Aikido training. The Aikido Shimbokukai does not wish to control the specific operations and events within its member dojos. Instead, we look to support and encourage individual growth and development, to empower our members to grow in whatever ways they wish, and to provide a venue for the exchange of ideas and experiences. We welcome input from our members, and will strive to be fluid and progressive, in order to remain an organization that serves its members.

The Aikido Shimbokukai is an Officially Recognized Organization by the Aikido World Headquarters (Hombu Dojo) and the Aikikai Foundation in Tokyo, Japan. We value our relationship with Aikido World Headquarters (Hombu Dojo) and the Aikikai Foundation, and strive to support them as best as possible, through training and other activities.

The Aikido Shimbokukai strives to exist in harmony with other Aikido organizations, to promote the growth and development of Aikido, and to support the Founder's ideal of Aikido as a means of developing better connections with others. It is our wish to promote and develop good will and friendship, and to improve lines of communication between all Aikido practitioners, including other Aikido organizations and dojo.We do not limit our members from attending other organizations’ events, or from enjoying exchanges of training and friendship with others. In fact, we encourage our members to follow whatever path appeals to them in the development of their own Aikido.

The Aikido Shimbokukai promotes the development of training, events, and opportunities for members of all levels and backgrounds. We hope to support and encourage growth and development of all member dojo, and to provide a venue for the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Our organization supports various seminars and training events through the year. We strive to organize training opportunities with instructors of various backgrounds and lineages, to thereby enhance and expand growth and exchange. Members are encouraged to participate in these activities.

Our activities are open to all people of any organization and lineage of Aikido, so there are many opportunities to experience training with a variety of people from many styles of training. It is our hope to, while of course remaining respectful of other traditions and organizational policies, transcend boundaries of style and affiliation to explore and experience training with all who are interested and open to it."


Chief Instructor - Bernie Lau: 5th Dan Aikido, Founder of Icho-Ryu Aikijutsu

Jisso-Kai Dojo is from the inspiration of Bernie Lau Sensei & Kanjin Cederman Shonin’s vision to reinvigorate the spiritual and practical implementations of Aikido to support and grow practitioners in their personal spiritual awakening. Jisso-Kai is a Nichiren Buddhist based practice expressed in the spirit of “Jisso”- (As it is!). This concept is to deal with reality of each situation in our lives through the wisdom of reality. Connecting all aspects of reality in our practice defined in a life balanced in the paths of “Do” and “Jutsu”. “Do” being the concept of (Self-Perfection) and “Jutsu” being (Self-Protection). We are able to find a equilibrium of spirit and determination.

Officially opened as a single dojo in 2015, it now serves as the main dojo for the group of
Jisso-Kai Aikido Dojo.

Our Sensei’s welcome the chance to meet and train with all interested Aikidoka (Aikido Students) in their unique and personal styles. We are a traditional dojo in that becoming a member is by invitation only. If you are interested, please make your interested known, by coming to watch and meet us.


5th Dan Aikido, Founder of Icho-Ryu Aikijutsu

Bernie Lau (Founder)

Bernie Lau Sensei began training in 1955 under Koichi Tohei in Hilo Hawaii. Other sensei in Hilo responsible for Lau’s early Aikido training included Nagata and Nonaka. While serving in the US Navy, Lau studied in Honolulu with the numerous Sensei, including Yamamoto, Goo, and Yoshioka. He was awarded his Sho Dan and Ni Dan in Japan,
his ranking certificates were personally signed by Morihei Ueshiba. He also received his San Dan and Yon Dan from O’Sensei son, Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba. Bernie Lau was the first ‘Haole Boy’ (Caucasian) to train in Aikido in Hawaii and in the United States. Hawaii back in 1955 was not yet a State but rather a territory.
Lau, despite his numerous years training in Aikido, resigned from Aikido to form the Washington Budokan, a private dojo, where he developed tactics and techniques more applicable to law enforcement and civilian self-defense. The result was a fusion of modified Aikido – Goju Ryu Karate and the finger locking methods of Wally Jay’s Small Circle Jujutsu – plus the practical experience of being a police officer and undercover vice and narcotics detective.
Lau Sensei chose to use the term Aikijujutsu as a means to distinguish his teachings from Aikido and the politics that existed at that time. In 2003, the term Aikibudo was adopted for use with Icho Ryu. In 2015, based on his practice of Nichiren Shu Buddhism since the 70’s, together with Kanjin Cederman Shonin, founded Jisso-kai.


4th Dan Aikido, 4th Dan Icho-Ryu Aikijutsu

Kanjin Cederman Shonin (Founder)

Cederman Shonin is a co-founder instructor of Jisso-Kai Dojo. Training in the martial arts for over 30 years, he started his Aikido journey at the age of 9 years old in Buffalo, New York under Fred Utech, founder of Aikido No Kokoro. Studying under many teachers both in and outside of Japan, he was able to get a wide view of the different teachings found in the vast realm of the Aikido world, upon his first visit to Japan at the age of 16 years old where he also began studying during this time Judo, Kendo, Kyudo, Karate, and Iaido. Becoming a Buddhist monk at the age of 18, he began to study Nichiren Shu Buddhism under the instruction of Kanto Tsukamoto Shonin, head priest of the Toronto Nichiren Buddhist Church. After studying for more than 10 years he was fully ordained and was given the mission in 2008 to move to Seattle becoming the 15th head priest of the Seattle Nichiren Buddhist Church. He later built and establish the Enkyoji Temple of Seattle in 2010. Together with the teaching and support of Bernie Lau Sensei, they have developed the practical and spiritual practice of Jisso-Kai Aikido. This is a combination of both aspects of “Do; the Path” and “Jitsu; Practical Method”. Developing a organization based on spirituality found in the Lotus Sutra. Kanjin Sensei, received his 3rd Dan from Bernie Lau Sensei (5th Dan Aikido) on June 18th, 2015 in Jisso-Kai Aikido and Icho Ryu (Aikijujistsu art created by Bernie Lau Sensei). He is currently the assistant teacher at the head dojo at Seattle Choeizan Enkyoji Nichiren Buddhist Temple, where he is the abbot. Additionally, he trains as well in the arts under the teaching of Kaicho Bruce Bookman (5th Dan Aikido) at Tenzan Aikido Dojo. He brings to the dojo 30 years of Aikido and Budo training. Kanjin Sensei was promoted to 4th Dan in the Summer of 2017 by Lau Sensei. Rev. Kanjin Cederman was awarded 5th Dan in Aikido by Bernie Lau in 2021. Awarded Successor and Menkyo Kaiden for the tradition of Icho Ryu Aiki Jujitsu in 2021.


2nd Dan Aikido, 2nd Icho-Ryu Aikijutsu

Shami Kanyu Kroll

Kanyu Kroll Ho-shi has traveled extensively to study Budo in the USA, Canada and Mexico over the last 20 plus years, living under the motto of, “have gi, will travel.” Because of his travels for adventure and education he has studied extensively with various traditional Budo and Aikido organizations and styles which include: AUSKF, CKF, ASU, USAF, AAA, Ki Society and Capital Aikikai as well as Yoshinkan, Tomiki style Aikido, Daito-Ryu Jujitsu, Judo, Jodo, Iaido, Kendo, Wing Chun, Kali/Silat, Wu and Yang style Tai-chi including Tai-chi sword, German Longsword and western fencing. Each new move required him to find a new Dojo in a new town or a new art to study depending on what reputable instructors and styles were available. He earned 1st kyu 4 times in Aikido over the course of 2o years of constant travel in various federations including: ASU, USAF, AAA, and Capital Aikikai. After almost 20 years of Aikido training he finally received a Shodan Menjo from Bernie Lau Sensei his current Sensei and mentor whose history in Aikido and Budo in North & South America is Legendary. Kanyu Sensei was promoted to Nidan in the Summer of 2017 by Lau Sensei.
Kanyu is devoted to the sword. He began studying Kendo in 1997 with Yuko Kitaoka Sensei in Richmond, KY during college. He studied with Kitaoka Sensei for 3 years earning a 1st Dan in Kendo. He began studying Muso-Jikiden-Eishin-Ryu Iaido in 2001 with Bill Mears Sensei 5th Dan in Canada then later with Goyo Ohmi Sensei 7th Dan in Toronto, Canada, Pam Parker Sensei 7th Dan in New York City, Susan Sekreta Sensei 6th Dan, Clint Cross Sensei 4th Dan and Takanori Furuta Sensei 4th Dan who is his current Sensei. Kanyu currently holds 2nd Dan in Iaido under the AUSKF and All Japan Kendo Federation. Kanyu Sensei has also been a practitioner of Wing Chun Gung-Fu since 1997 and currently continues his studies under the Lieng Shien Lineage through Kenneth Chung of Shainghai and San Francisco. Kanyu Sensei incorporates many aspects of Wing Chun into his Aikido and Aikijutsu. Kanyu Sensei is Chief instructor of the Rochester Aikikai: Jisso-Kai Shoeizan Dojo.



Jisso-Kai 実相会 : Aikido Dojo

Enrollment steps:

  1. Watch a class and meet our instructor. People with no previous Aikido experience are encouraged to observe a basics class on Sunday after service.
  2. Fill out a registration form at the dojo and complete your payment. $20 registration fee and $5 per class mat fee or $150 annual membership. You can pay in person at the dojo with cash, check or credit card. You can pay online with paypal or a credit card.
  3. Purchase a Gi-uniform. If you need help a instructor will recommend and help you pick one suitable for our practice.
  4. Start attending classes. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first class so that we can give you an orientation to the dojo. We will help you with your uniform and basic dojo etiquette. During your first class you will be given individual instruction to learn proper footwork and how to fall safely before you start learning aikido techniques. Our instructors and senior students are happy to help you get started and are always available to help you with any questions you may have.

Jisso-Kai Akido is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization connected with Seattle Choeizan Enkyoji Nichiren Buddhist Temple. All donations are tax deductible. Consider making a donation to support our scholarship program. $60 covers 1 month dues for a child. $100 allows an adult to attend a seminar with a visiting instructor. $250 goes towards our building fund.

Kids Class- 4-12

Youth Class 12-15

Adult Class 15-up


Membership registration:  $20
(new to the dojo)

Regular  Membership:$20 registration fee and $5 per class mat fee or $150 annual membership (Aikido)


Mat Fee: $5 per day

Private Lessons: Inquire with Dojo.
(date, time, and subject matter to be determined individually)

Jisso-kai Honbu Dojo
Head Teacher: Bernie Lau Sensei
Assistant Teacher: Kanjin Cederman Shonin
501 S. Jackson St. #202
Seattle, WA 98104

Jisso-Kai Dojo of Rochester
Head Instructor: Shami Kanyu Kroll
1115 East Main Street (4th floor)
Suite #438 Hungerford Building
Rochester, NY 14609

Isshin Ryu Aikido
Head Teacher: Russell Jacobson Sensei

Enkyoji Buddhist Network