Memorial Services

Memorial Services

In Buddhist tradition we hold memorial services are held at the family butsudan, at the temple, or at the cemetery.  Memorial services are held on days which correspond to the deceased’s days of judgments on days 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, and 49.  Additional services occur on the 100 th day, and the 1st, 3rd, 7 th, and 13th years.

The mourning period lasts 100 days giving the bereaved family time to overcome the initial deep grief and sadness.  A ritual is held to mark this end of mourning and to express appreciation and thankfulness to those who helped at the funeral and afterwards.

It is important to honor the deceased with these Buddhist memorial services even if the remaining family is not Buddhist.  The temple priests can assist you with these.

Here at 円教寺 Enkyoji Buddhist Network we offer traditional memorial services for you and your family to honor the lives of your loved ones.   We are waiting to help and support you in these important decisions.

For arrangement and to answer your questions, please schedule a meeting with our Temple representative at


 What you need to prepare for you Memorial Service:


General Memorial Service:
  1.  Donation
  2. Offerings of beautiful flowers, fruit, sweets and any food or drink that they enjoyed.
  3. Please bring the family members Oihai if it is not at the Temple.  If you do not have one, submit their information including their Kaimyo (Buddhist Name) and birth name and Shonin will make one for the ceremony.


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