Mizuko Memorial Service



 The Mizuko (Water Baby) Memorial Service is to show love to the deceased baby's spirit making them peaceful. Life is fragile.In Buddhism we help human beings find a peaceful way to understand events in their lives.  The Mizuko Ceremony is one of the ceremonies that offer peace to suffering people and allow the family to say their goodbyes. From such events as miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion, the small spirit of the baby has not fully entered this world but is viewed as flowing like water without form; it is our hope to support the peaceful flow into the next existence, both for the child and parent.  Kanjin Cederman Shonin will conduct the proper service according to the teaching of the Lotus Sutra, allowing all to become peaceful and calm.

kishimojinThe memory of the mizuko is enshrined in our Kishimojin Shrine as this protective mother spirit watches over the children and protects their memory making them peaceful.

We conduct this ceremony in our temple according to the ancient ceremony.

Please contact us at 206-356-7405 or email: enkyoji.net@gmail.com to schedule this service or for information.


 What you need to prepare for your Memorial Service:


 General Memorial Service:

  1.  Donation
  2. Offerings of beautiful flowers, milk, candy, fruit, toys, and red bib and hat for Jizo statue.
  3. A baby Jizo statue under 4” tall and must be hollow or have a small compartment under the statue.  If you wish for a fee the temple can prepare one for you.


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